Sunday, August 17, 2008

A day with my KING

If you've never seen this video... it rocks! I've seen many times and it never fails to awe me.

Yesterday I atteded an all day prayer summit for women at my church. Can I just say how awesome it is to come into the presence of the Lord without an agenda? Without requests? Without it being about ME? It was so amazing. There will be a three day summit next March that I hope to attend at a resort somewhere. I can't imagine spending that kind of time with my Lord and Savior without life's distractions. Very cool.

The prayer summit includes time of corporate worship, praise, prayer... again, no agenda... it is only as the spirit moves. I went to one last year, and again it was great, and differed from this one in the sense that it took on it's own theme. There are also several hours of "code of silence". Can I say "bizarre"?! I haven't heard that kind of silence... like... ever. At one point I plugged my ears, and could actually hear the blood pumping through my veins. It was magnificent. To know that the Lord, with His all sufficient power, causes my blood to flow. Without His power, our world ceases.

We were given these prayer books that we could use in our silent times. I loved focusing on the attributes of our God, the names of our Lord and His Spirit and so much more.

I know the Lord is Holy (which means PERFECT). Only He is perfect. He is merciful. He is full of grace. I facilitated a Bible study this last year on GRACE. Grace is unmerited favor. Unmerited favor means we are undeserving and cannot earn His grace. It is something God freely gives to those who receive.

Other attributes of God, are ones we hear frequently, but to see them defined and prayed over, is very powerful...

FAITHFUL - God is always true to His promises. He can never draw back from His promises of blessing OR of judgment. Since He cannot lie. He is totally steadfast to what He has spoken.

INCOMPREHENSIBLE - Because God is God, He is beyond the understanding of man. His ways, character, and acts are higher than ours. We only understand as He chooses to reveal.

JEALOUS- God is unwilling to share His glory with any other creature or give up His REDEEMED people.

JUST- In all of His actions, God acts with fairness. Whether He deals with man, angels, or demons, He acts in total equity by rewarding righteousness and punishing sin.

LONG-SUFFERING - God's righteous anger is slow to be kindled against those who fail to listen to His warnings or to obey His instructions. The eternal longing for the highest good for His creatures holds back His holy justice.

RIGHTEOUS - God is always good.

SOVERIGN- God is totally, supremely and preeminently over all His creation.

TRUTHFUL- All that God says is reality. Whether believed by man or not, wheather seen as reality or not; if it is spoken by God, it is reality. Whatever He speaks becomes truth as we know it.

WRATHFUL - There is within God a hatred for all that is unrighteous and an unquenchable desire to punish all unrighteouness. Whatever is inconsistent with Him must ultimately be consumed.

Thanks for letting me reflect. What an awesome Lord we serve.

Daughter of the King,