Saturday, January 31, 2009

My Itzhak Perlman's

I know it's been awhile since I last updated my blog. I want to get better about that, but am very happy that I've learned how to download video (thanks to my techy - I mean sexy husband).

Isaac and Isabel both had violin recitals this past Tuesday. Isabel did very well and Isaac just blew me away. He was extremely nervous (really hasn't been in past performances). So much so, that he thought he had forgotten parts of the piece shortly before performing. He paniced... let me tell you ... HE ROCKED! He had overwhelming praise from many in attendance... it brought tears to my eyes. Isaac has worked so hard this past year and has really come to an appreciation of his Lord given talent.

Isabel performed a folk song titled Long Long Ago. It's not one of her favorite pieces, but one her instructor thought she would do beautifully... and she did.

Isaac performed Gossec's Gavotte. His music pieces are getting steadily more difficult and he always rises to the challenge. His auditory skills really are quite impressive for an 8 year old boy. He can hear a piece of music on the radio and then play the melody on his violin (and sometimes even works it out on the piano). He tends to like the pieces that have a serious beat (ex. "rock").

This violin journey is sometimes really tough financially and in time commitment/routine. But moments like these make it ALL worth the sacrifice.