Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Spring has sprung... I think

Today is in the upper 40s. Still a chill in the air, but the smell of spring is present. I'm not one to usually complain about a long cold winter, as I like to be cozy, but this winter was a tough one.

Please continue to keep Fargo in your prayers as the river is expected to have a second crest, possibly a foot higher than the first crest last week. Apparently there is a lot of water on its way from different sources into the Red River.

I'm continuing to knit and can't seem to get enough. I finished a baby sweater for a dear Bible study friend. It was my first "real person" clothing item.

I'm now making myself a sweater. I have tons of patterns in queue waiting for me to tackle. There doesn't seem to be enough hours in the day to clean, cook according to our dietary needs and educate my kids :) Yet, I knit... it keeps me sane. I feel so blessed that the Lord allows me to be home with my family doing the things I love.

Our sporting season starts soon. Isaac plays Little League baseball and was recuited to "play up" in his age bracket. He's very excited and we are very proud. Isabel and Isaiah will start soccer in a couple of weeks. Scary for me to think that Isabel will be playing 2nd grade soccer and Isaiah 1st grade soccer. Where has the time gone?

Off to read to my kids. I was at the MACHE homeshool convention this past weekend and two venders in particular caught my attention. The first is a man/dad from Williston, ND (my home state) who as a result from family devotions has written a series of books called the "Kingdom Series". It is medieval parables following stories of the Bible from Genesis to Revelation.

We bought the dramatized audio version and we are excited to get started. Isaac has made it perfectly clear to me that we will start studying medieval history in the fall.

The second vender was a teenage girl from Minnesota who at the age of 12 started to write a series of horse stories. She has horses of her own and plays the violin. Isabel has informed me she will start writing her first story very soon. This young lady, the author, has actually been on a several book sign tours around the United States.

There are currently six books in the series following a herd of wild mustangs. We started the first book last night, and I must say I am beyond impressed. They are simple, captivating stories. We are hooked, and Isabel is begging me to come read... then knit.

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